Specialized Services

Hampton Academy is a State of NJ, Dept. of Education approved private day school from kindergarten through twelfth grade students with disabilities. Our strong academic program, which is aligned with New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, is supported by the intensive therapeutic services students need to overcome obstacles to achievement.

Ninety percent of Hampton Academy students reach their individual goals and successfully complete our program. Our modern, air-conditioned, handicapped-accessible facility accommodates 90 students and is conveniently located in central Burlington County near routes 295, 38, 130, 206 and the New Jersey Turnpike.

Hampton Academy is affiliated with Hampton Behavioral Health Center, a leading provider of mental health services in Burlington County.

A NASET School of Excellence:

The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) has selected Hampton Academy as a 2015-2016 School of Excellence. Schools chosen for this distinction must meet rigorous professional criteria and have demonstrated truly exceptional dedication, commitment and achievement in the field of special education. Hampton Academy is one of only 68 schools nationwide to have achieved this distinction for the 2015-2016 school year. Hampton Academy, a private day school approved by the State of New Jersey, is affiliated with Hampton Behavioral Health Center and provides therapeutic and educational services to classified students in grades 1 through 12.


Hampton Academy was recently recognized by the Behavioral Health Division for earning Platinum Level Status through the “Best in Class” Academic Accountability System. Read more…

Service Excellence Award March 2016

The March 2016 Service Excellence Award has been given to Mrs. Melissa Drumheller, Primary Classroom Teacher, in recognition of the quality service she provides to all students. Hampton Academy is proud to have Mrs. Drumheller as part of the Hampton family as she truly embodies the spirit of Service Excellence. Thank you Mrs. Drumheller!


January 11, 2016 – David Tuck, a Holocaust survivor and representative from the Philadelphia Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center visited Hampton Academy to educate students about the consequences of racism, ethnic cleansing, and intolerance. Students were truly touched by his presentation!


Dear Staff, Students and Parents:

In preparation for the warm weather that is coming very soon, we would like for our staff, students and parents to be aware that sun exposure may increase the risk of sunburn-like damage, dehydration and other related medical issues. Also, it should be noted that some psychiatric medications “have been associated with marked skin reactions from excessive sun exposure” (Stefanik, 2011). Please check out the following websites for additional information and support to reduce photosensitivity reactions:    www.fairfaxmentalhealth.com/psychiatric-meds-and-sunburn, http://www.mindlink.org/meds_sensitivity.html and https://www.verywell.com/summertime-and-our-meds-379966.

Have a wonderful and safe summer!!!!


The Hampton Academy Clinical Team


Service Excellence Award April 2016

The April 2016 Service Excellence Award has been given to Mrs. Connie Jentsch, Administrative Assistant, in recognition of the quality service she provides to staff,  students, and visitors. Hampton Academy is proud to have Mrs. Jentsch  as part of the Hampton family as she truly embodies the spirit of Service Excellence. Thank you Mrs. Jentsch!

Service Excellence Award May 2016

The May 2016 Service Excellence Award has been given to Mrs. Susan Howard, Teacher Assistant, in recognition of the care, nurturance, and dedication she provides students. Hampton Academy is proud to have Mrs. Howard she deserves recognition for her outstanding professional attitude she displays daily. Thank you Mrs. Howard!

To the Class of 2016,

Your high school graduation is an important step toward the future, but it is certainly not the final step. You will be taking steps all through your lives, and it is up to you whether those steps carry you forward or backward. The future is yours and it is now even more important that you choose well the people who are worthy of your admiration and who will influence your life decisions.  Many graduates fear the future because it is unknown. You may wonder what lies ahead for you, and if the hopes and dreams you have now will come true. Do not imagine for a moment that the future will hold no problems, no moments of anxiety. However, we, the staff of Hampton Academy, who have watched you through the years are confident that you will overcome future difficulties as you have overcome difficulties in the past.

This is your life … it will be exactly what you make it. Your success will depend largely upon what you want to put into it. It is now up to you to utilize your talents and take the initiative necessary to attain success.

Congratulations and Best Wishes,

Ronald A. Cancelliere,

Executive Director