Clinical Services

Therapy Component

Intensive therapeutic services support our strong academic program. Experienced Licensed Clinical Social Workers conduct group therapy three times each week, for which students receive elective academic credit. Students also earn credit for art therapy sessions, conducted twice weekly by a Licensed Board-Certified Art Therapist. Individual sessions with the Art Therapist and Social Workers occur on both a scheduled and an as-needed basis. Students may also be referred to our school psychologist or school nurse.

For issues that exceed the scope of services we provide, our staff may make referrals to outside agencies and professionals for evaluation, medication and/or treatment. A written release of information is required for our staff to confer with outside physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, etc., except as required by law.

Behavior Management

Each classroom team establishes a Behavior Management Plan that best meets the needs of students in each particular class. Rewards for meeting expectations provide students with incentives to reach their goals. Individual plans and creative interventions are developed and implemented as needed.

Social Skills Development

Our clinical team supervises daily electives instruction focused on the development of appropriate social skills. Specific individual social skill deficits are addressed in individual counseling. All staff members are keenly aware of the importance of the development of appropriate social skills and maximize every opportunity to model and reinforce socially-appropriate behavior during daily interaction with students.

Health Services

The Certified School Nurses are available daily to provide first aid for students with an illness or injury. With a written physician’s order and written parent/guardian request, the school nurse will administer medications. Annual vision, hearing, scoliosis, height, weight and blood pressure screenings are also performed by the school nurse.

Our crisis team is CPR certified and trained in the use of the on-site AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

Psychiatric Services

Students in need of psychiatric consultation, medication evaluation and ongoing medication management may receive services from an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with child and adolescent psychiatric experience, who is regularly available at the Academy.