Hampton Academy Wins “Best in Class” Academic Accountability Platinum Status Award

Hampton Academy was recently recognized by the Behavioral Health Division for earning Platinum Level Status through the “Best in Class” Academic Accountability System. The “Best in Class” Academic Accountability System honors therapeutic education programs that are either high performing or have improved student achievement to high levels.

In addition to the on-site review, the “Best in Class” Academic Accountability System measured Hampton Academy’s success in reaching its School Improvement Plan goals and the tangible data found within the school’s Monthly Outcomes Report Card. To win the Platinum Status Award, Hampton Academy demonstrated exceptional on-site review scores for eleven standards and benchmarks commonly found within the highest performing schools. Overwhelmingly, Hampton Academy’s performance of each accountability strand far exceeded requirements due to the exceptionally high quality of documentation/success in all essential areas resulting in an overall rating that was superior.

Hampton Academy strongly embraces the nation’s on-going commitment to academic accountability and fully supports each school district’s ambitious goals to raise student achievement and prepare every learner for post secondary opportunities. Throughout the state of New Jersey, Hampton Academy works collaboratively with school districts as a partner through thoughtful strategic planning and allocation of resources. Hampton Academy believes that every student deserves a high quality education that is individualized to their specific needs. Despite their student’s challenges, Hampton Academy consistently measures academic and behavioral improvement that prepares students to return to their traditional school more confidently and successfully.