Student Recognition/Behavioral Incentives

Hampton Academy provides a supportive therapeutic environment designed to help our students reach their greatest potential for academic achievement, behavioral control and personal growth. To positively reinforce our students’ efforts to reach their goals, we reward and recognize them in a number of ways.

  • Student of the Month
    Each month, one student from each class is recognized for accomplishments in the areas of academics, socialization and emotional and/or behavioral growth with a certificate of merit, recognition on a prominent bulletin board and other honorary activities.
  • Student Recognition Lunchoen and Student Displays
    Following each of the first three marking periods, students who have excelled academically and/or made significant strides in behavior and/or attendance are honored at a special luncheon. In addition, our students’ art projects are displayed for guests to view and appreciate.Awards are given for:

    • Total School Performance (at least a B average, no suspensions, no more than 5 unexcused absences)
    • Perfect Attendance
    • Most Improved Behavior
    • Most Improved Attendance
    • Most Improved Academic Performance

    Family and friends are invited to attend and celebrate the achievements of our honorees.

  • School Service Program
    A limited number of interested students who are consistently meeting behavioral expectations are exposed to the process of applying for and holding a job. Students learn to read job postings, complete applications, obtain references, and interview. This program focuses his program focuses on the development of positive attitudes towards work and emphasizes the importance of promptness, reliability, responsibility, honesty and courtesy. Program activities include nursing assistant, art room assistant, maintenance assistant and PE assistant. Students earn special trips, coupons, activities, and additional volunteer service credits.
  • Monthly Behavioral Incentive
    Monthly, students who meet the expectations of the classroom behavioral management plan earn participation in a special activity.
  • School Store
    Bottled water, juice, and healthy snacks, as well as age appropriate motivators are among the inventory offered for sale through the use of the coupons system. Coupons are earned by meeting behavioral and/or academic expectations.