For Parents

Parent/Guardian Contact

To form a partnership between Hampton Academy personnel and parents/guardians in the best interest of our students, we ask all parents/guardians to:

  • Keep in close contact with your child’s teacher and social worker.
  • Demonstrate your interest in your child’s academic and social program by engaging in frequent, brief discussions about school.
  • Attend school programs and, when requested, conferences and meetings.
  • Your child’s Classroom Team or other staff will contact you regularly with progress updates and concerns when they arise. Please respond to all calls and correspondence from school personnel promptly.
  • If you wish to meet with your child’s teacher, social worker or other school personnel, please call the school secretary at (609) 267-2757 to make an appointment.


Regular attendance is essential for success in school. Students are expected to be present all the hours of all the days school is in session. When a student must be absent, we ask for parent/guardian cooperation as follows:

  • Please call the school prior to each absence, preferably before 8:00am. Parents/guardians will be notified by the school social worker of concerns regarding irregular attendance or excessive tardiness.
  • Please notify your child’s transportation contact of the absence prior to the scheduled pick up time.
  • For absences of three or less days due to illness, please write an excuse note. For longer absences, an original physician’s note with date and diagnosis is required. For school days missed due to medical/dental appointments or court appearances, please obtain an excuse note, and send it to school when your child returns.
  • For absences due to reasons other than illness or appointments, please contact your child’s Social Worker for information about excused absences.
  • Please be aware that sending districts must be kept informed of excessive or chronic absenteeism, which may result in a “no-credit” status or jeopardize placement. District policies may supersede Academy policy.

School Closing/ Delayed Opening Info

In addition to an automated message sent to each student’s home the following public stations are used to communicate school closings and delays.

Back to School Night

In September, parents/guardians are encouraged to attend our annual Back to School Night. This is an opportunity to meet the staff, follow the student schedule and enjoy light refreshments.

Parent Information Seminars

Each year, Hampton Academy presents a number of timely, informative seminars, which we hope will be helpful to our parents/guardians. Past seminar topics have included cyber-bullying, conflict resolution and current trends in adolescent substance abuse.


  • KYW (1060) AM – #647


  • WPVI Channel 6
  • WCAU Channel 10
  • KWY Channel 3



Tuition is paid by the home school district. Students attend Hampton Academy at no cost to families. All programs and activities, including trips and Rowan College at Burlington County courses, are provided at no cost to families.


Transportation to and from school is paid for and arranged by the home school district. Transportation for trips, activities and Burlington County Community College is provided by Hampton Academy. Transportation is provided at no cost to families.

Please contact your school district with any transportation difficulties you encounter. All students are expected to follow the district’s bus safety rules and to be respectful and cooperative during transit. Serious or repeated violations of bus rules may result in the loss of bus privileges. All students may ride their district assigned bus only.

Parents/guardians are asked to:

  • Please call the bus company if transportation is not needed due to absence or planned late arrival. Bus company phone numbers are available from your home school district or Hampton Academy.
  • Please ensure that your child is ready for pick up ten to fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.
  • If the bus has not arrived ten to fifteen minutes after the scheduled pick up time, please call the bus company directly.


Each student’s placement at Hampton Academy is confidential. Appropriate release forms must be signed by parents/guardians for Hampton Academy personnel to confer with outside professionals or agencies, except as required by law.

Student Attire

Hampton Academy students are not required to wear school uniforms. We do expect all students to come to school clean, dressed in modest clothing that does not distract from instruction, and with appropriate footwear (flat, rubber-soled shoes only in the gym, no steel-toed boots or high heels that present a safety hazard). Repeated dress code violations will be considered a disciplinary issue.