With more than 40 years of public and private school experience, our Executive Director/Principal, Paul Houser’s, leadership style promotes staff cohesiveness and the development of new ideas, programs and approaches that best meet the needs of our students.

Tamiko Smith, MBA, provides the clinical expertise that assists our students in overcoming challenges that impede academic achievement. She provides and oversees staff training specific to the development of insight into the clinical issues our students face, and individualized evidence-based interventions to address exhibited behaviors.

The Classroom Team

Comprised of a highly qualified Certified Teacher of the Handicapped, an experienced para-professional teaching assistant and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, this team works closely together to meet the individual academic, social, emotional and behavioral needs of each student. The classroom team strives to create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and personal growth.

The classroom team is supported by art and physical education teachers, an Orton-Gillingham Reading Practitioner, an art therapist, speech therapist, educational specialist, clinical psychologist, school psychologist, an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, experienced in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, an art teacher, two physical education teachers, and a Certified School Nurse.