Specialized Services

Hampton Academy is a private school for students with disabilities ranging from k-12th grade. Hampton Academy provides educational and clinical support to students that suffer from anxiety, school avoidance/refusal, problems with social skills/building peer relationships, mood disorders and other socio-emotional concerns that interfere with their ability to fully function within a traditional academic setting. Hampton Academy provides clinical interventions in a supportive and trauma informed care learning environment for students from elementary to high school:

  • Weekly individual and group counseling,
  • Life skills and Social skills training,
  • Family support,
  • Case-management services,
  • Community engagement,
  • Offers trained professional staff that will provide a home visit to help families with their child’s transition in coming to school,
  • Transitional planning and supportive services,
  • APN Psychiatric evaluation and medication services,
  • Other related resources and support as needed

Hampton Academy helps students with attaining their goal of returning back to their sending district. If you are interested in sending a student referral for enrollment, please contact Connie Jentsch at 609-267-2757 x 3020 to set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you and working collaboratively and successfully with your students.


A NASET School of Excellence:

 The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) has selected Hampton Academy as a 2017-2018 School of Excellence. Schools chosen for this distinction must meet rigorous professional criteria and have demonstrated truly exceptional dedication, commitment and achievement in the field of special education. Hampton Academy is one of only 68 schools nationwide to have achieved this distinction for the 2017-2018 school year. Hampton Academy, a private day school approved by the State of New Jersey, is affiliated with Hampton Behavioral Health Center and provides therapeutic and educational services to classified students in grades K through 12.

Hampton Academy was recently recognized by the Behavioral Health Division for earning Platinum Level Status through the “Best in Class” Academic Accountability System. Read more…



Hampton Academy is affiliated with Hampton Behavioral Health Center, a leading provider of mental health services in Burlington County.

Flexible seating comes to HAMPTON ACADEMY

Hampton Academy’s mission is to meet the needs of our students so they have the opportunity to reach their highest academic levels. To enhance our mission, Hampton is currently piloting a flexible seating classroom.
Under the supervision of Ms. Flournoy, Ms. Montague, and Ms. Oswald, Classroom 1 has been arranged into five seating areas. Four “private” desks with high chairs and feet rests meet the needs of our students who prefer more individualized structure to complete their daily tasks. A tall “picnic” style desk with a whiteboard top and 4 retractable stools is the ideal spot for students working on group projects. Four puzzle desks with bouncy toad stool like chairs—for the more active students–can be joined together for group or separated for individualize instruction. A kidney shaped desk for group discussion, comfortably seats 3-5 students and their instructor, while a rug piled with multi textured pillows and lap desk—the “zen zone”– is the desired spot for students who wish to stretch out on the floor with prompts for mindfulness activities. Research suggests that there are a number of benefits to flexible seating including student choice and control over their learning environment; it creates a sense of community- students learn to share space and take turns; it promotes collaboration; it allows movement; it allows students to find comfortable positions throughout the classroom which should lead to increased focus and productivity; and finally, it stimulates student’s sense of touch which can help students focus and process information. The school year is still young but the Class 1 staff has already noticed a difference in how the students relate to not only their learning environment, but to their fellow students and the staff as well.

Hampton Academy’s Student Council is Positive and Responsible with Integrity, Determination and Excellence! We have school PRIDE!

Student Council is a key component to the functioning of Hampton Academy, bringing together student leaders and other hardworking members of the student body. Our Student Council serves to engage students to learn about leadership and teamwork and to promote school spirit. Members accomplish this while being positive role models and representatives for the student body.
In order to build a strong sense of school pride, it serves as a forum for students to express views, share ideas, and voice concerns as well as propose solutions with the faculty, administration, and student body. Our Student Council organizes many school-wide activities including social and holiday events, spirit days, community projects and school reform.
All Student Council members demonstrate leadership qualities by serving as good role models of appropriate behavior through their words and actions. They are also expected to participate in all approved activities, which will serve to enhance the quality of the physical, behavioral, and social environment of the school.
In the end, Student Council will continue to thrive by having students continue to be committed to the concepts of making it work
as our Hampton Academy students are!

The Career and Academic Planning Center (CAP)

To assist students with disabilities successfully move from school into the adult world, The CAP Center provides Transitioning and Academic Services for Hampton Academy high school students. NJ 21st Century Life and Careers Standards are the focus as students explore, plan post-secondary goals and ultimately complete their secondary education. Integrative services such as New Jersey Career Assistance Navigator (NJCAN) and a computer-based lab are used for learning experiences. While creating feasible post-secondary goals is the primary focus, experiences that prepare students to function in their community (domestic, recreational and leisure) are also explored.

  • Centralized location that provides individualized guidance for transitioning planning goals.
  • Knowledgeable staff is readily available to assist in the planning and execution of career and personal goals.
  • Through partnerships with state and local agencies, students have access to a variety of post-secondary education, military options, community and independent living services.
  • Utilizing NJCAN each student develops an individual, electronic portfolio containing assessment results, resumes, career information, and work samples.
  • Encourages self-assessment, exploration, research, goal setting, and decision-making.
  • Students explore career interests, preferences, goals, and requirements to obtain.
  • Promotes student’s independence and ability to generalize skills to new situations.
  • Promotes self-awareness, self-advocacy skills and self-confidence to successfully navigate independence and learn how to seek support when needed.
  • Parents / Caregivers actively encouraged to participate in planning and programming.
  • Options regarding independent or supported living and leisure time activities are pursued.
  • Expects students to make informed decisions about their future personal, educational, work, and financial goals.

July, August, September Activities:

Summer Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

July 4: Independence Day – School Office closed
July 8 – 26: Summer Program (9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)
September 3 & 4: Staff In-service Days
September 2: Labor Day – School Office closed
September 5: First Day of School – Early Dismissal
September 6: Early Dismissal
September 7: Full Day
September 19: Back to School Night

Water Testing

In compliance with N.J.A.C 6A:26 all drinking water outlets in the Hampton Academy facility have been tested for lead in the drinking water.

Samples were collected on May 9, 2017 and analysis of all outlets revealed lead levels below the maximum NJDEP limit of 0.015mg/L. Results of all samples may be viewed by contacting Hampton Academy at 609-267-2757.