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Hampton Academy is a private school for students with disabilities, specializing in a learning approach utilizing trauma-informed care.
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Academic Program

Learn more about the academic program at Hampton Academy, a private K–12 school for students with difficulties in their traditional school setting.

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Flexible Learning Environment

Read about flexible seating in classrooms at Hampton Academy. This is designed to help our students reach their highest academic potential.

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Career and Academic Planning Center

To assist students with disabilities successfully move from school into the adult world, The Career and Academic Planning (CAP) Center provides transitioning and academic services for Hampton Academy high school students.

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Orton-Gillingham Reading Program

Our Orton-Gillingham Reading program helps struggling students learn to read through an approach that is explicit, direct, multisensory-structured and phonetic.

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Social Skill Development

Our clinical team supervises daily electives instruction focused on the development of appropriate social skills.

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Psychiatric Consultation

Find out how students in need of psychiatric consultation and medication management can receive services while at Hampton Academy.


Learn about the academic program at Hampton Academy. Each classroom team establishes a behavior management plan that is designed to cultivate a classroom environment that is conducive to academic learning and personal growth. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to meet the goals and objectives of each student’s individualized educational plan.

Hampton Academy provides educational and clinical support to students that suffer from anxiety, school a
voidance/refusal, problems with social skills/building peer relationships, mood disorders and other socio-emotional concerns that interfere with their ability to fully function within a traditional academic setting.

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Hampton Academy utilizes a number of special programs and educational modalities to serve the unique needs of our students. A flexible learning environment helps meet the needs of our students who prefer more individualized structure to complete their daily tasks. Our Career and Academic Planning Center develops skills to help students with disabilities successfully move from school into the adult world. Our Orton-Gillingham Reading identifies and assists with specific reading difficulties. Additionally, Hampton Academy assists in daily social skills development and medication management for students in need of these services.

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Hampton Academy

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