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News and Events

News and Events

News and Events at Hampton Academy

September Activities:

  • September 8: First Day of School / Early Dismissal – Staff In-Service
  • September 9: Early Dismissal – Staff In-Service
  • September 10: Early Dismissal – Staff In-Service
  • September 16: Early Dismissal
  • September 24: Early Dismissal – Staff In-Service
  • September 29: Early Dismissal

Our Academy Staff began moving into their new school

Our Academy Staff began moving into their new school and setting up classrooms and office spaces. They started off the day with breakfast and then got to work getting ready for the new school year! More updates to come when classes begin!

Hampton Academy is moving to a new location in nearby Lumberton!

We are hard at work moving into the new space and setting up our classrooms to receive students for the 2021-2022 academic year. Check back for updates on our progress!

National Special Education Week

We recently celebrated National Special Education Week and National Teacher Appreciation Week here at Hampton Academy. During this week we paid tribute to all staff who provide teachable moments, support, and fun for Academy students. We even had a visit from Mr. Softee as part of the festivities! We are so appreciative of the outstanding educators we have here at Hampton Academy! Thank you for all that you do!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Student Council members got involved with celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week by surprising the staff with refreshments and snacks to honor and recognize their hard work, dedication and lasting contributions they ALL make to the students each day. The decorated “Sunshine Cart” was rolled around to each classroom and office. When arriving at each door, the students expressed their gratitude by saying “On behalf of all the Hampton Academy students, we would like to give a big thank you to all the staff for your hard work! Please take a drink and a snack or two off our sunshine cart!” A big thank you to our students for this kind gesture of gratitude!

Team Shirt Day

On Friday, March 19th the Students and Staff at Hampton Academy participated in Team Shirt Day. This fun activity coincided with The Academy’s Social Skill of the Week: TEAMWORK. During the week, Social Workers conducted lessons with their students that highlighted the importance of working together as a team.

Honoring Women's History Month

Ms. Valerie holding up a book

In honor of Women’s History Month, Hampton Academy would like to pay tribute to a highly accomplished staff member who has achieved success beyond the classroom. Ms. Valerie F., Academy Teacher, is a talented writer who has had several books published. Her publications are making a positive impact on the lives of her readers. The Hampton Academy students are fortunate to have accomplished Women like Ms. Valerie guide them through their educational journey!

Tie Dye Day at Hampton Academy

February 26th was Tie Dye Day at Hampton Academy. Staff and Students had the opportunity to wear their favorite Tie Dye clothing/mask for the day. To prepare for the activity, Student Council Staff worked in collaboration with the Academy Art Therapy Teacher and Classroom Paraprofessional to incorporate time in each student’s academic schedule to make their own Tie Dye Mask. By the end of last week, all students had a homemade tie-dyed mask. Tie Dye Day provided Staff and Students with an opportunity to have a little fun and show off their Tie Dye Apparel!

Hampton Academy Celebrates 100th Day of School

This week, Hampton Academy marked the 100th day of school by reflecting upon and celebrating major milestones in our students’ academic achievement, especially with the challenges occurring during a pandemic!

Our Student Council announced that the 100th Day would be a “Dress for Success” theme. This theme created multiple discussions school wide inviting the kids to talk about what success means to them. Success comes in many forms and students need to express it in their own way.

When entering the building on Tuesday, February 16th, our kids were invited to “Walk the Red Carpet” while staff in the halls cheered them on and congratulated them on their achievements.

Many thanks to our Hampton Academy Student Council, facilitated by Ms. Meghan (pictured), in coordinating this event!

Annual Luncheon and Dedicated Service Awards

We celebrated the Holidays with our Annual Luncheon and Dedicated Service Awards. Staff enjoyed a wonderful lunch that could be packed to go for safe distancing. Many staff won gift baskets and we also honored those who have been with Hampton for five+ years. We even have one who has worked with us for over 30 years! Thank you to all of our dedicated staff and a special thank you to Hampton Behavioral Health Center’s Heatheur and her dietary staff who put together the delicious spread!

Service Excellence

Service Excellence Award June 2021

The staff of Hampton Academy strive to provide an educational and clinical program that effectively and efficiently meet the needs of our students, their families and the community. To achieve this, we promote standards of Service Excellence in order that students take pride in our school, districts prefer our program for their students, and our employees are proud to be a part of the organization.

The June 2021 Service Excellence Award has been awarded to Mr. John Wheeldon in recognition of the quality service he provides to our staff, students and visitors. Hampton Academy is proud to have Mr. Wheeldon as part of the Hampton family, as he truly embodies the spirit of Service Excellence. Thank you, Mr. Wheeldon.

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