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Flexible Learning Environments

Flexible Learning Environments

Flexible Seating at Hampton Academy

Hampton Academy’s mission is to meet the needs of our students so they have the opportunity to reach their highest academic levels. To enhance our mission, Hampton Academy is currently piloting a flexible seating classroom.

Under the supervision of a certified Special Education Teacher, a High School Classroom has been arranged into five seating areas. Four private desks with high chairs and footrests meet the needs of our students who prefer more individualized structure to complete their daily tasks. A tall picnic-style desk with a whiteboard top and four retractable stools is the ideal spot for students working on group projects. Four puzzle desks with bouncy toad stool like chairs—for the more active students–can be joined together for group or separated for individualize instruction. A kidney shaped desk for group discussion, comfortably seats three to five students and their instructor, while a rug piled with multi textured pillows and lap desk—the “zen zone”– is the desired spot for students who wish to stretch out on the floor with prompts for mindfulness activities.

Research suggests that there are a number of benefits to flexible seating including student choice and control over their learning environment.

  • It creates a sense of community, allowing students to learn to share space and take turns
  • It promotes collaboration
  • It allows movement
  • It allows students to find comfortable positions throughout the classroom which should lead to increased focus and productivity
  • It stimulates student’s sense of touch which can help students focus and process information

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